D7 Race Route

The course for the Donoughmore 7 road race can be seen here.


The route starts on a hill and the first two miles are up and down on a country road. Just at the two mile mark the route starts its drop and you will descend about 300ft over the next 3 miles. 500m after the 2 mile mark, you join the main road turning left and continuing on this road back to Crean';s Cross at the 5 mile mark. In the final 2 miles, you will climb 200ft. Initially after you turn at Crean's Cross, there is quite a steep pull but this levels out and between 5.5 and 6.25 miles the incline is quite gradual. The last 0.75 miles are challenging as you approach Donoughnore Cross and turn left for Stuake with 0.5 miles to go. The final 800 meters are tough with the hill at the bend by the School the hardest. Once you round this bend, th road levels off somewhat for the final 150 meters.